Meet the family

At Furever Farm we have over 80 rescued animals in our care, spending time and socialising with each and every one of them is the highlight of this job. Among our animals we have a family of pigs, goat triplets and adults, fully grown ex-bobby calves, thoroughbred and standardbred racehorses, chickens, roosters and ducks and a heap of sheep with the odd lamb coming in quite often.

Click through below to meet the family and find out more of their individual stories.


Rosie, Buddy and the piglets

Rosie was a surplus animal to the petting zoo she came from, Buddy was a not so mini 'miniature' and the piglets were Rosie's pride and joy. Our family of pigs are a bunch of characters.

Skittles, Nat, Ruby, Latte and Tommy

Located centrally on the farm the goats share fences with the pigs and some of the sheep and they seem to like that just fine. Despite their seperate but neglectful beginnings their shared experiences have bonded this mixed family.

Yogi, Charlie, Sparkle, Gizmo, Donkey and Missy

The Daisy May Paddock is home to a eclectic group of friends. A few racehorses, 2 bobby calves, a donkey and a pony all live in harmony together in the largest paddock at Furever Farm.


With 25 sheep spread over 2 paddocks we certainly have our work cut out for us! Our sheep are ex-pets, escapees, rescues and surrenders but they are all loved at their new forever home.


Our large flock of hens and roosters come to us from lost of different places but in Furever Farm they have found a place to call home.