Meet The Family

Rosie, Buddy and the piglets

Pictured is Mocha, an original Furever Farm resident who has since passed. The pig paddock is named in his honour.

Pictured is Mocha, an original Furever Farm resident who has since passed. The pig paddock is named in his honour.


A colorful bunch of crowd-pleasers, our pigs are always a huge favorite with visitors to Furever Farm

Rosie was the first pig to join the farm in January 2017. A piglet at the time she was being discarded from a petting zoo but instead we managed to bring her to Furever Farm. Friendly and fantastic from the start Rosie quickly established herself as cuteness personified! Rosie then, and to this day, loves attention and belly rubs! A scratch behind the ear and a gentle cuddle is what makes Rosie happy. Rosie is now queen of the piggie paddock and is always first to greet visitors with her squeals and demands of pats!

Buddy joined Furever Farm not long after Rosie arrived. Purchased by the original owner as a “miniature” it quickly became apparent that miniatures in Australia are really not that much smaller or lighter than a fully grown pig! This, combined with some allergy problems with the original owners meant that Buddy needed a new home and he found his way to us. Buddy loves an ear scratch and will sit and “talk” to you via his grunts as you speak to him, a perfect example of intelligent and social nature of pigs, always looking for stimulation and interaction. He loves the occasional dig and is at home in his free space and paddock.

After a mistake meeting between Rosie and a loved passed pig, Mocha, we found ourselves the proud carers of 13 little piglets, Shadow, Misty, Pinky, Tuscadero, Albert, Wobbles, Spots, Walter, Angus & Leonard. As with a lot of pig births we unfortunately lost 2 piglets, Braveheart and Bellyrub and one, Tiny, has since been adopted. They are energetic, playful, cheeky and mischievous but loveable, confident and adoring no end. They just love a pat and scratch in between digging and mudbathing and will remain with us here until such time as they are adopted by other loving families.


How can you help our pigs?

Looking after 16 pigs is an expensive business. It costs approximately $12,000 a year to feed, shelter, medicate and entertain these guys and it just would not be possible without your generous support.

A $10 donation is enough to feed one pig for a week, $15 covers a week of food and leaves some for improvements to the shelter and pig maintenance, $20 a week would help cover all the above and assist in covering possible vet care.

Help us look after Mocha, Rosie, Buddy and the piglets at Furever Farm.