Yogi, Charlie, Sparkle, Gizmo, Donkey and Missy


The Daisy May Paddock is where all our larger residents live

Furever Farm is lucky enough to have the space to cater for a number of larger animals. In the Daisy May paddock, named after one of the first residents at Furever Farm, we look after two cows, two horses, a donkey and a pony - and they all get along just fine.

Our two cows, Yogi and Charlie, are the gentle giants amongst the Furever Farm gang. These two were 'bobby calves', a dairy industry term for male dairy cows who are considered wastage in the industry. At only a few days old these calves are separated from their mothers and taken for slaughter in the meat industry. Our two big boys were lucky, this cruel process destroys between 400,000 and 700,000 bobby calves every year in Australia alone.

Now a few years old they have settled into life at Furever Farm and only occasionally return to the flights of their rebellious youth which saw them rip through more than a few fences and jump the odd gate to escape and see a little more of the world.

The horses at Furever Farm have all come from the racing industry in some way after they stopped turning a profit for their previous owners.

Sparkle is the matriarch of the Daisy May paddock, arriving after a failed life on the trotting track. Upon taking up residence she quickly asserted herself and has been queen bee ever since. A real drama queen, she has been known to throw her weight around but, under it all, she is a real softy who always shows her kind and gentle side when children come to visit.

Unlike Sparkle, Gizmo more than earned his keep for his previous owner. Despite earning a considerable amount of prize money Gizmo was starting to slow and that meant he was a financial liability to his owner. A jockey and trainer saved Gizmo from a bullet and eventually got in contact with us, we took him in a heartbeat. Having grown up around humans and other animals Gizmo is approachable, gentle and kind to his paddock mates.

Have you heard the one about the donkey and the pony who were best mates? It sounds like a joke but Donkey and Missy have found in each other a true friendship. Donkey and Missy do not, thankfully, have a sad story. Both animals lived on a neighbouring property and only needed a new home when their owners moved overseas. These friends are almost always together seeming to continue to enjoy each others company above that of all others in the paddock. They only seem to disagree on one thing, Donkey loves attention and will always come up for a cuddle while Missy is a little more reserved preferring to interact on her own terms. 


How can you help our horses, cattle, pony and donkey?

Looking after all our large paddock animals is serious business. It costs approximately $10,000 a year to feed, shelter, medicate and entertain these guys and it just would not be possible without your generous support.

For $5 a week you can cover hay for one animal for a week, $10 covers hay and additional feed for one animal and $20 covers all food plus vet care.

Help us look after Wolf, Yogi, Donkey and all the others at Furever Farm.