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Fundraising Campaigns

In addition to ongoing sponsorships and one-off donations we occasionally run specific funding drives. The drives listed below are our active campaigns, please feel free to share using the links below.


Drakes Community Dollars

Do you shop at a Drakes Foodland? We hope the answer is yes because now whenever you shop you can swipe and earn funds for Furever Farm.

Drakes Foodland Community Dollars program helps charities help! We urge all our visitors and volunteers to come and grab one of our tags, as well as some for your family or friends who shop at Drakes, and simply swipe on behalf of our animals whenever you make a Drakes Foodland purchase. Your shopping can seriously help us and the animals.

Simply collect the tags you want from us, go to your nearest Drakes Foodland and collect your tag protector and then shop away!! It's that simple.

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Shout us a Round

This round's on you? Thanks!

When donating to charties it can be hard to associate a dollar amount to a particular action, but not in this case.

Large round bales are essential to our ability to feed the animals at Furever Farm and we go through a lot of them. Click the button below to donate the cost of a round bale to us and know that this money has directly gone to feeding the animals of Furever Farm.

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Shout us a round!

Spare change Sunday

At Furever Farm we are highly dependent on your generosity. We are highly appreciative of any financial help given. Sundays see the end of the weekend and how much “spare change” do you find in your wallet or purse? We and our animals can benefit greatly from your spare change. So, each Sunday think about putting your left over dollars to a great cause. Make your Sunday a Spare Change Sunday and see the benefits roll onto the animals in need.

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