Our Vision

Where the voiceless come to speak


Furever Farm is a charity rescue/sanctuary/rehoming farm for rural animals in South Australia that relies entirely on donations and fundraising to provide for the unwanted, abused and orphaned.

Our vision, our mission here at Furever Farm is simple - love, care, devotion, commitment, educate and promise.

  • Love and care for the rescued

  • Devotion to them and the cause

  • Commitment against all odds

  • Educate the community on these animals true nature

  • and a Promise to do all of the above over and over again.

Our journey to running a rescue farm started on the other side of the world in 2009. A chance viewing of a documentary on farm animals, their treatment and the depravities of the slaughterhouse set us on a course of discovery that took two animal lovers and turned them into activists and advocates for the voiceless.

Initially working with local shelters and rescue groups, primarily with domestic animals, we started saving and researching what it would take to start and run a sanctuary for the dumped, abandoned and forgotten animals of the farming industry.

In 2016 we realised our dream and moved into the property at Rockleigh and set about readying the paddocks - fixing fencing, building shelters, installing water and feed troughs, because we knew there were virtually no other farm sanctuaries and we quickly were taking calls for animals that needed new homes.

First we took in lamb orphaned by it’s mother and surrendered by a farmer, then some ex-bobby calves saved from the meat truck, and so it grew. Before long we were obtaining and saving animals from various situations. Orphans, dumped, unwanted, abused, saved from the knife.

This has how it has been since the beginning.

Furever Farm is now home to 80 animals, sheep, goats, full grown ‘bobby calves’, ex-racing horses, ducks, chickens and pigs.


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