The Sheep


Spread over 2 paddocks we have 25 sheep that call Furever Farm home.

Some people are surprised to discover that we know all our sheep individually and by name. While there are a few too many to mention here we know all their stories and would love to share them with you if you have some time to visit or volunteer on the farm.

There are a few stories we just have to share though.

Toby and Nelly are the second and third animals to come to Furever Farm. Both had sad starts to life with their mother's passing during birth, Nelly spent at least 24 hours on her own before being discovered which makes it all the more remarkable that she survived! Arriving at Furever Farm as lambs in nappies we hand-raised these two inside before letting them loose on the paddock. Nelly's rough start to life has likely impacted her to this day as she remains very small compared to the rest of the flock but these two best friends are now happy and healthy in the herd. The amount of time spent around us as lambs has also left these two very comfortable around other animals and humans which means if you head into the paddock you better be ready for cuddles and pats.

It is always surprising to see how far love can take an animal, Spanner is an amazing example. Spanner is a Persian sheep and sticks out from the rest of the flock and he came to us via a wildlife rescuer. For reasons we cannot understand Spanner was not afforded the same love and compassion as the native rescued wildlife and had been kept in a small, grass-less pen until we took him on. Spanner was not social, did not trust humans and appeared to not know to eat grass. After spending time in the paddock with the other sheep he slowly acclimatised and, taking the lead from the other animals began to eat and behave as one of the flock. The skittish, distrustful and confused Spanner is now one of the most loving animals on the farm. Not content to simply be patted he will push into you until you are forced to kneel and face cuddle him, like you would a dog. Amazing how far love can take a rescued animal.


How can you help our sheep?

Looking after 25 sheep is an expensive business. It costs approximately $6000 a year to feed, shelter, medicate and entertain these guys and it just would not be possible without your generous support.

A $10 donation is enough to help feed the sheep for a week, $15 covers a week of food, animal maintenance and improvements to shelters, $20 would help cover all of the above and assist in vet care.

Help us look after Mocha, Rosie, Buddy and the piglets at Furever Farm.