Chickens and Ducks


In addition to our larger animals we have a motley flock of rescued roosters and hens at Furever Farm.

The meat and egg industries are an awful example of industrialised farming. Roosters are often killed at hatching as they serve no purpose in either industry and hens are treated horrendously, often kept confined in spaces not much larger than they are and forced to grow too quickly or lay continuously until they are processed for their meat or discarded after passing peak laying. All our hens are rescued battery hens who were saved from their cruel fate while our roosters were surrendered to us from a school hatching program. Sadly these programs often result in the deaths of the animals once the class moves on.

There is not a farm big enough to save all the chickens that need saving but we do our best. We take on as many hens as we can and then keep roosters in a maximum ration of 1:5 hens so that they do not become overly territorial and aggressive.


How can you help our chickens?

Looking after 25+ chooks is an expensive business. It costs approximately $3000 - $4000 a year to feed, shelter, medicate and entertain these guys and it just would not be possible without your generous support.

A $5 donation is enough to help feed the chickens for a week, $10 covers a week of food, animal maintenance and improvements/additions to the shelter, $15 helps cover all of the above and possible costly vet care.

Help us look after the chooks at Furever Farm.