Sponsor an Animal

Do you want to help the animals of Furever Farm and become a sponsor parent to your very own animal? If so we have sponsorship packages available for all our farm residents. You can get satisfaction knowing that you are helping out your choice of animal with feed, care, maintenance and even vet costs when required. Our sponsorship packages are as follows:

Poultry and smaller animals

$5 p/w covering feed and possible vet care


$5 p/w covering feed.
$10 p/w covering fee and maintenance
$15 p/w covering feed, maintenance and possible vet care.

Sheep & Goats

$5 p/w covering hay.
$10 p/w covering hay, feed.
$15 p/w covering hay, feed, maintenance and possible vet care.

Cows/Calves, Horses, Ponies, Donkeys

$5 p/w covering hay.
$10 p/w covering hay and feed.
$15 p/w covering hay, feed and maintenance.
$20 p/w coving hay, feed, maintenance and possible vet care

"Maintenance" of animals refers to hoof care, dental, shearing, vaccination etc.

In addition to this you will receive a photo of your chosen animal, a certificate of sponsorship, unlimited visits and periodical updates to your personal email about your chosen beneficiary.

So don't wait, contact us to organise sponsoring your lucky animal!

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Please advise the animal you are looking to sponsor and we will be in touch shortly with more details.