We have a website!


Hi everyone and welcome to the brand new Furever Farm website!! We think it looks special and look forward to welcoming new supporters while giving our current ones another fresh avenue to the farm and it’s animals.

We will update here with new stories and announcements as they come to light so please keep checking back for dialogue and photos of the real stars…..the rescued animals.

We would like to heap lots of praise and thank on James Byrne for this fantastic site. James and partner Leah visited Furever Farm a few months ago and really wanted to do something to help us out. James, having expertise in website construction, kindly offered to donate his services and build us a website. Uncannily we had been thinking we really needed a site but were stuck on affordability. James came to the rescue and we can’t thank him enough. We are so thrilled to finally be in cyberspace for real! Thank you James, we think you are awesome.

We also must thank Angus North for all the wonderful and talented photographs that adorn the various pages. We’re sure we will see more of his work amongst our own on the page in the future and you can marvel at his talent.

Take some time to look around and let us know what you think. You can contact us via the contact page or, better yet, jump on Facebook or Instagram and share our site with your friends and help us continue to to spread the word about Furever Farm!


Darren & Hayley - Furever Farm Founders.