It’s great when a plan comes together

Sweet Malcolm! Getting as big a mouthful as the rest

Sweet Malcolm! Getting as big a mouthful as the rest


We hope that you have familiarised yourselves with all our residents to date. We often get temporary residents come through the farm that we will indeed introduce to you all as they arrive. We say “temporary” as we are at times simply at capacity and cannot take in further permanent residents. Where we can though we will still take those in need and begin the process of rehabilitation where necessary before placing them up for adoption to good homes via our strict, thorough and legal adoption process. We will always do what we can to help the voiceless.

Our last arrival at the farm was an elder statesman by the name of Malcolm. A Marino X breed that came to us after being a family pet for 6 years. Malcolm was housed with a female sheep, indeed his girlfriend, who unfortunately passed away leaving Malcolm alone, lonely, depressed and forlorn. His carers simply could not bare to see Malcolm in such a downcast state and decided, rightly so, that he needed the company of other sheep. Sheep are flock animals and need other fellow sheep around. They feel safer, secure and part of their group.

Malcolm came to us facing a big adjustment having lived his adult life in one particular way. He would now have to adjust to a new environment, new sheep, new feed, new schedules, the list goes on. We are happy to say that after a couple of weeks of “resettling” Malcom has come through with flying colours. He has fit in with, and been accepted by, his new brothers and sisters…..and even four resident goats! He loves his wide open paddock and is now sharing feed from the same feeder as his paddock pals. He has overcome his initial shyness and will now come towards us to the point of brief contact and appears gaining in trust each day.

It’s great when a plan comes together as they say.


Darren & Hayley - Furever Farm Founders.