Let's dispel the myth


This is one of those blogs that should never have to be written. This is one of those blogs that is fuelled by ignorance and self satisfying verbal insinuations.

We have written on here before the need for the "movement" to gel as one. The movement to work together in unison to win the fight for one thing - the liberation and protection of animals. When we went vegan many years ago we did so when the media reports, attention and focus was non existent. Like now, back then we did it for one reason - the animals. Not for personal health or weight stability, not for a fad or fashion but simply because we refused to be a part of the suffering, torture and slaughter of millions of innocent animals every day. From veganism came advocacy, from advocacy came activism. We marched, screamed, chanted and trespassed with our hearts on our sleeves.

We now operate a rescue for the very animals we looked to protect. We decided to head in the direction of saving right at the core, point blank and getting our hands dirty. For the last 3 1/2 years we have rescued and saved over 100 animals. We have taken them all in. Some have come to us in a good state whilst others have come to us in such a terrible way that most vets would have put them into the too hard basket. We have loved, nurtured, rehabilitated and brought back to life the physically and emotionally scarred. Whether you follow our facebook page or our Instagram posts you will have seen names like Mocha, George, Sparkle, Blackie, Babygirl, Skittles, Spanner and then some. All names that were emotional wrecks when arriving that are now on their way to rediscovering trust or have made the total turn around to cuddly social butterflies. 

Whilst pledging and carrying out this privilege we have had Hayley work full time whilst Darren operates the farm daily. Aside from the rescue the running of a farm such as this is monumental. Feed collection, daily cleans and feeds, animal maintenance, sudden illness or injury and trips to the vet, building necessities and structural repairs, fundraisers, stalls, administration, organising volunteers, allowing visits, the list could go on. We try hard to maintain this farm and it's cleanliness to a high standard. We do that for two reasons. One, we simply prefer a clean and manageable environment. Two, it is far more hygienic and comfortable for the animals living amongst it. Disease and filth are no place for animals to be living, period. 

Don't get us wrong. This is not a rant or grumble about what we do. We love doing this and love helping as many animals as we possibly can. This is grass roots activism and we would never wilfully walk away from it or any animals needing our help. No, this is not what this is about.

As mentioned before the arguing, backstabbing and, sometimes, vitriol coming from friendly fire really makes things hard and it pains to stand back and watch as things that could be great remain good. It hurts when it becomes personal. It is with that that we say, just because we are not seen at most activist events, cubes, parliament protests doesn't mean that we are not truly in it for the animals. The above mentioned should clearly advise of why, even though we would love to be, we are not at such events. It is not because we are lazy or non accepting of these protests. It is simply that we are bloody busy and do not get a chance to attend things that we would otherwise be at in a heartbeat. To find that we are accused of being "false" is a major kick in the guts. We live, breathe, love animals and their protection. That is why we are caught up doing what we do. We certainly are not seen at these events because we feel we are superior or too good. On the contrary, we feel we don't do enough. 

As this blog started - it is one that shouldn't have to be written. We see all, including ourselves, as equal and part of what should be one big strong well oiled machine. It is so sad that there always seems to be chinks in the armour. We can only do what we do, we cannot aim to please everyone and, believe it or not, we don't want to. There is one group of beings only that we aim to please and that is the most important group amongst us - THE ANIMALS.

Let's get together and remember why we are doing this. Why we believe in this. Why this is so important. Sadistic torture, pain, fear, petrification and death is absorbing our animals via human ignorance. Talking about one another behind backs, accusing others of the unproven, lies, egos, tantrums and downright disheartening diatribe are not going to help anyone but those we are trying to convince are doing the wrong thing. 

This may seem more a rant than a blog but, hey, what better place to air feeling than a public forum and invoke honest discussion. This was aimed to do but a few things. Air our disappointment on personal attacks, point out what are pretty obvious issues going around and, finally and most importantly, highlight the only real importance here - OUR ANIMAL FRIENDS.

Darren, Hayley & all the Furever Farm team.