Fundraising for the Family


We have always been open and honest about the necessity for funds when it comes to running Furever Farm and caring for all animals. Nothing comes cheap is the old saying and in rescue that certainly sits true! We don't complain though, we will always try as hard as we can to provide for the recues and in doing so realise that you need to get busy.

We are currently in the throws of expanding and with that we have extra help in the form of a wonderfully committed fundraising team. Regularly we get together where ideas can be thrown around, paths of action discussed and fundraisers put into motion.

This year we hope to get the name Furever Farm out there more. Not for ourselves but simply so people know we exist and can discover what we do and why. People need to know that there is a need for rescue and that they have an avenue to go to if need be.

With that we have some great fundraisers planned for this year and we are always coming up with new ideas. We have our annual events such as our open day where our gates are literally thrown open to the public and they can come and experience the joy, learn from stories and have a good time and feed while they're here. We are also in the early stages of discussion to try to implement a Furever Farm dinner. We hope to secure a venue, offer great vegan meals and also have some guest speakers and possible music act. Throw in some fun activities and we think, if it comes together, that this would be a great fun night that would possibly go annual.

We are currently working on various events that will be advertised here and on our social media platform as soon as they are finalised. Events such as Furever Farm movie nights, lunches, photographic exhibitions and auctions, quiz night, online raffles, the ideas are a plenty! Should all of these come to fruition this year we will be so pleased and proud of our team plus, hopefully, have raised some serious funds for our animals.

We also hope to expand our physical presence with more stalls at various events. We have currently booked in spots for the 2019 Vegan Festival and it's sister event Vegan Palooza! Markets are being considered and also appearances within shopping malls where we can reach out to people and help our animals more. This side of things really excites us. We absolutely love meeting and chatting with people and supporters and would relish the opportunity to impress on others the importance of farm rescue.

So as you can see we have a lot to work on. As we said before we are super grateful to have a team on board that is pro-active, committed and genuine. Without such help things like this simply would not be possible, it wouldn't happen.

So keep a look out online for future announcements. Even if all the above cannot be implemented by years end then, as they say, there is always next year. One thing is for certain - we are totally committed to the care of animals so we need no greater motivation. We will do our best and it is with the support of you that things will succeed.

If you feel you can and would like to help support Furever Farm you can do so right here on the website. Just hit the "ways to help" tab and a simple click and donate system is set up with automatic tax receipt generation.

Thank you everyone for all help, support, care and love and we hope to meet you all over the next year.

Darren, Hayley & all the Furever Farm team.