Merchandise. Outreach. Fundraising. Events.


When people think of rescues they think purely of animals (that's a given) and a sanctuary where people work hard to provide safety for the voiceless. Be it dogs, cats, birds, wildlife or, in our case, equines and "farm" animals the vision is generally about the above mentioned.

But there's a lot more to rescues, and the running of, than the main and most important aspect which is animal rescue. In order to run any rescue there needs to be funds. It's inescapable and without funds there simply is no rescue. There's operating costs, travel, vet bills, feed, medical, fuel, the list goes on. Therefore we simply have to find ways of bringing in funds to pay the bills and support the animals.

Here at Furever Farm no-one is paid. From both us founders, Darren & Hayley, to all the passionate volunteers that help us provide care on a weekly basis. We are all volunteers and do what we do for one reason only - the animals that need our help.

There are a few ways that are somewhat effective in raising funds. There's the pretty straight forward asking for donations. We are lucky enough to have a few very kind people donate financially to us weekly and we have donation boxes placed throughout various businesses around Adelaide. We also have "animal sponsorships" where by people who may have one animal in particular they have fallen in love with can provide financial support for that animal helping with feed, maintenance and vet care.

Fundraising must be a bit more adventurous though. Not for ourselves but, as stated, it is essential to raise money to help all permanent and temporary animals. We do a couple of things that prove beneficial. Dinners at vegan and vegetarian businesses where a certain number of people can secure a seat, come for a great meal, meet and speak with both of us and perhaps buy some merchandise and arrange an actual visit to the farm.

In the future we plan to have movie nights where people can come to see a movie of choice, again perhaps purchase merchandise and ask questions of us. We are also just beginning to have our own stalls at events with one booked already for the Dogs Day Out at Mawson Lakes 2018. We are so looking forward to beginning this aspect as it not only serves as a fundraising opportunity but a fantastic outreach platform. We love for people to meet n greet. We love to talk to people about the need for rescues and discuss and inform about the animal we save and the industry they come from.

We have one annual event of our own that we pride ourselves on. Simply titled Furever Farm Open Day it is basically an open gate day at the farm itself where people can come in freely, have a look around, speak to us and our volunteers, join in tours, have some food and drink, treat their kids to some activities and meet our residents. There is no greater tool than practicality itself. For people to actually come and see what Furever Farm is about and meet the beneficiaries speaks a thousands words instantly. It gives us another opportunity to raise some necessary funds but provides a direct insight into the importance of rescue.

Do we feel comfortable asking for money? To be honest I don't think anyone really feels comfortable asking for such but in this game you have to put your pride to the side and remember who is important here. Yep, the animals and without asking for donations there is no rescue.

We so wish there was no need for asking and no need for rescues such as this but unfortunately reality doesn't always play to our wishes. We love what we do and do it for one reason only and in doing so we need the help of those who support.

So keep a look out for our donation boxes. If you have any small change it is appreciated by us and used well by the animals. Keep a look out on this website for upcoming events and fundraisers. Check the same on our Facebook page. We raise funds to raise lives.

Darren, Hayley & all the Furever Farm team.