Another year, another open day.


Saturday October 13 saw another successful and fun open day for Furever Farm. Expanding each year we were so thrilled and happy with the turn out and the genuine interest and love for rescue animals.

Although it all ran practically smoothly on the day there is always a sense of panic amongst us both as we simply want everything to go to plan and everyone, the entire Furever Farm community, to have a great and enjoyable time whilst still being able to take in the importance of the day and the real reason for such annual gatherings.

We do open days for two primary reasons. We need to raise funds, that point is inescapable in the running of a rescue such as this. We take pride in what we offer for the day, be that kids activities, stalls, food and saleable items such as our merchandise. We look to do one thing - recoup our costs that have gone into the day and raise a few dollars for the animals and the running of the farm. If we can do that we consider that we have achieved a "bonus".

Secondly, and far more importantly, we open our gates so the public can see and experience what we do, why we do it and the lives that really matter. We love the fact that we get good friends come to visit, fundraising staff and volunteers keen to be involved, website, Facebook and Instagram followers come to see what they view online and, for want to a better term, total strangers come through our gates knowing of us for the very first time.

All of these people have one thing in common - a genuine love for all animals, a genuine care and concern for the animals safety and future treatment and the upmost interest in the plight of farmed animals in Australia. So many people walk away from these events with new knowledge. That could be learning of different animals and their characteristics and needs to the unnecessary slaughter rates that take place each and every year on our shores.

The abuse, neglect and disdain afforded the types of animals in our care is quite often a shock for some as they simply cannot fathom how any living being could be treated in such fashion. Whether it be for "food", fashion or entertainment the farmed animals of the world are, by far, the most abused species on the planet.

It gives us both some satisfaction knowing that new people have learned these facts and figures and go away to relay to others around them. We are hopeful they will return next year or at some point throughout the year with friends or family so more can see and experience the need for what we try to do.

And in all we are simply happy that people can, for even one afternoon, experience the absolute beauty and character of the true farm animal. What they are really like and how they are really just like your pet cat or dog. They all love, feel, fear, think, compute and, most importantly, none of them want to die. The myth of the industry can be exposed and smashed in places like rescues and sanctuaries. This lie that these animals are dumb, that they cannot think or understand nor feel emotion or pain. All this can be dismissed in little more that half and hour or less when you experience these valuable beings.

So, it is on to planning the next annual open day. Haha, yes we start to think about "next year" quite early. In between we will have more fundraisers courtesy of our marvellous fundraising team and we will continue to open our gates as people, new and old, come to visit and feel what is more than just a stop by but rather a lifetime experience of animals that simply want to live in harmony with us as equals.

Thank you to all who came. A huge thank you to our fundraising team for all the work that went into organising the day. And, finally, thank you to all our volunteers who made the day run as smoothly as possible. Without all of you this sort of thing would simply be unachievable.

Darren, Hayley & all the Furever Farm team.