The Official Animal Rights March - 25th of August 2018


Animal Activists Australia, Adelaide Animal Save and Animal Rights South Australia bring to Adelaide for the first time ‘The Official Animal Rights March’! 

Inspired by the latest Tel Aviv, Israel event where 30 000 attendees participated in the largest Animal Rights march in history, The Official Animal Rights March dates back to 2013. After collaboration with those organisers it is amazing that this important event is being brought to Adelaide on the 25th of August 2018!!

Furever Farm will be attending and fully supporting this historic occasion and join the organisers in inviting everyone to join in and represent the animals on this day. As some of you may know, nothing feels more empowering than uniting for a greater cause.

This resonates so very closely with what all at Furever farm believe in and fight for and highlights the need for affirmative action to get the message of animal importance and welfare out to the masses and into the eyes, ears and hearts of those in power. Furever farm exists because of the ill treatment of animals, the lacklustre disregard for their welfare both on an industry and individual level. As is suggested in our motto - the animals need us to be their voice and through us they will speak.

And not to mention, this is the year of DOMINION, a powerful documentary about humans’ relationship with animals mainly filmed right here in South Australia. This year will be the year we all come together and march!

All details are being posted here so follow this page and keep informed in the lead up to the big day. This sort of action comes around so very rarely so we truly feel that we must all unite and put all animals in the spotlight they deserve.


Darren, Hayley & all the Furever Farm team.