Furever Farm Adoption Program

We work hard to rehabilitate, love and care for all the animals that come into our home but once they are happy, healthy and well-adjusted we are very happy to consider rehoming them to the right family. While we hate to see any of our animals go we know that we have a role in saving and restoring lives at Furever Farm and sometimes that means saying goodbye to an animal that has been restored so we can make room for another animal that needs our love.

We want to be very clear from the outset, we run this adoption program on our terms. If you want to rehome one of our animals there are strict conditions that must be met. After all, these are our family members and we have worked so hard to give them a new life - we will make sure that they are rehomed in a way that they deserve.

Still keen to adopt one of our animals? Fill our the form below and we will be in touch.


Furever Farm Adoption Checklist

The following checklist must be completed before we can review any adoption enquiry. Upon submission an email will be sent to Furever Farm notifying us of your interest and we will be in touch shortly.

Name *
Are you over 18? *
Are you aware that there is a fee for adoption and are you willing to pay it? *
A small adoption fee is charged on all adoptions to cover the costs of the process. This fee changes depending on the animal being adopted.
Can you afford the ongoing costs of owning a farm animal? *
Do you consent to a property check as part of this adoption program? *
Please note that depending on the animal being adopted, or other circumstances, the inspection may occur before or after you take possession of the animal.