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We are super thrilled and proud to have been presented with these hand painted, one of a kind, original pieces of artwork by Victorian artist Kathryn Stretch.

Kathryn has had other works featured in open galleries in Victoria and presented these to us out of the kindness of her heart.....and, there's more to come!

These beautiful pieces are now available to you, our supporters, in many a format. All you have to do is visit our RedBubble site and you could have any of these and future pieces adorn almost anything you desire.

From t-shirts to dresses, leggings to shorts, phone cases to computer skins, tote bags to wall clocks......the world is your oyster!

Could you think of nothing more sweet than having Rosie the darling or Yogi the great or maybe Brian the chook adorn your preferred presents. Or how about Donkey the darling, Grace the amazing lamb or Ruby the mischievous? We know, the decisions are many.  

This is a buy direct from the manufacturer via our store so all you have to do is shop, grab a preview of your item, checkout and while you get your goods Furever Farm gets funds paid!

Check it out.....the items are endless!

We thank Kathryn so much for her artwork. We absolutely love them and can't wait to add some more pieces to the collection. We also thank Kathryn for her permission to use the paintings in any way we wished to raise funds for the Furever Farm animals.

What are you waiting for......go shopping! 😀